Monday, October 8, 2007

Washington Post obscures truth on Blackwater

The front page of today's Express, the free daily put out by the Washington Post, carries an AP story which misleads the reader about the Blackwater private security contractor. The tagline proclaims: "Investigation finds security guards fired first in shootings."

Whose investigation? The Iraqi government's. The same Iraqi government that the Washington Post and its ilk was lambasting not so long ago because it failed to meet the US standards for transparency, accountability and other such Western nicities. But apparently we now trust it to conduct investigations about our own citizens. Never mind those allegations that Blackwater refused to pay the bribe the Iraqi Interior Ministry demanded of it, resulting in having its license pulled. Never mind that the Iraqi government has tried to wiggle its way out of a joint US-Iraqi probe, to avoid a full investigation. Never mind that Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Qader Mohammed Jassim admitted to the International Herald Tribune that his investigation was one-sided...

Is the Post really interested in the truth?

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Debbie said...

The media is going to jump on every negative comment they can use and bypass anything positive or debatable. That's just the situation we live in today. It's terrible.

They have dropped Iraq from the front page, because things seem to be getting better, so it doesn't serve their purposes. Blackwater is something new they can try and use and trash.

They don't really care about waiting for the facts.

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